The Helen Stevens Gallery

Buying Guide

The price of the original paintings ranges from $1,800 to $12,000 (US$).

Limited edition fine art prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Helen Stevens limits the number of prints in each edition to a maximum of 250 with artist's proofs. These prints can gain in value, much as an original painting does on the art market. They are a financial, as well as artistic, investment.

A Certificate of Authenticity that meets the disclosure requirements of California and New York, as well as other states' laws, accompanies each print. The price of these prints ranges from $250 to $450 (US$).

If you are interested in buying a Giclée print, original painting, or would like to know more about the painting: what the images represent to the artist, its physical description (i.e. size), or methods of shipping, contact Gordon we'll email that information to you.