The Helen Stevens Gallery

The Fine Art Giclée Print

Pronounced "jhee-clay" is a noun from the French verb gicler, meaning "to squirt."

Roland™ Giclée printing provides the highest quality fine art image that is available today. Images are produced from high resolution digital scans and then printed onto paper or canvas.

However, not all printing methods that spray inks create a Giclée. Color photocopies or laser prints do not have the fine resolution, color quality, nor the required longevity. The 35-year-life span of the Iris print does not meet the archival requirements of the fine art market.

Using archival inks and papers the Roland™  Giclée has been independently tested to last over 130 years before a noticeable shift in color integrity occurs - these prints can be enjoyed by the children of a collector's children's children.

This edition of fine art prints is the result of collaboration between the artist and a specially trained printing craftsman. It is difficult to tell the Roland™ Giclée print from the original painting, and has on occasion, confused the artist.

Museums from MOMA, the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the British Museum, to the Louvre have all hosted exhibits featuring Giclée prints.

Artist Helen Stevens signs and numbers limited editions of fine art prints. These prints can gain in value, much as an original painting does on the art market. They are a financial, as well as artistic, investment. Please visit the "Buying Guide" for additional information concerning Helen Stevens' prints.